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Computerized Narrow Fabric Jacquard Loom Series
Computerized Narrow Fabric Jacquard Loom Series

task 888 app download,northwestern basketball forum rivals develop three types of narrow fabric jacquard looms , that both have different operating with each machine. According to customers need the jacquard looms can produce various kinds of narrow fabric jacquard tape, width from 27mm to max 65mm, thickness less than 2.5mm, and jacquard hooks max have 640 needles to height variation jacquard pattern. Suitable for elastic or non-elastic jacquard tape, like underwear waistband, bra straps, backpack shoulder straps or shoelace, etc.

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Newly narrow fabric jacquard loom the body is derived from bonas type needle loom is simple operation and more energy-efficient and power-saving. The needle holder adjustment makes the opening larger and easier to weave. And also can match different jacquard head to weave, according to customers need the jacquard hooks max with 512 needles, more flexibly to produce. Suitable for production underwear elastic, jacquard trims strap, luggage, etc.,cricket bet account

Swiss type narrow fabric jacquard loom machine the operate is similar Muller jacquard loom machine, the needle loom machine has a stable machine structure, low failure rate, low noise, fast operation, stable output, and excellent finished product quality and also conforms to the CE European Union specification.

The early development prototype was modified from the KFJ, now NDJ. Different jacquard head can match. This type of jacquard looms of the option according to customers need, max with 640 needles (Model: NDJ 2/135). Suitable for production underwear elastic, jacquard trims strap, luggage, etc.

If you have narrow fabric jacquard weaving loom spare parts requirements, please fill out the form by "Spare Parts Inquiry" and provide ID number of the machine. And also provie the part number according to the parts manual, the parts quantity, photos or provide a sample of the parts. Will be served by a business specialist. get-it-know

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Based in Taiwan, northwestern basketball forum rivals Delicate Machine Co., Ltd. is one of the leading Computerized Narrow Fabric Jacquard Loom Series | textile machinery manufacturers since 1964. ,dhol master zebi

soccer news app for ipad,northwestern basketball forum rivals (KY) industrial textile machines are designed to deliver fine quality textile knitting products such as elastic tapes, ribbon tapes, safety belts, luggage belts, hooks and loops, etc. Their textiles equipment is productive, high speed, easy to operate. It includes needle loom machines, weaving machines, label printing machines, weaving loom machines and more.

basketball image court,northwestern basketball forum rivals (KY) has been offering customers high quality textile machinery since 1964. Both with advanced technology and 57 years of experience, northwestern basketball forum rivals (KY) makes sure meet customer's demands are met.

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