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WM300 Warping Machine
WM300 Warping Machine
Warping Machine with KY
Warping Machine with KY

The yarn warping machine is applicable to each kind of yarn. Warping can be effected on one of beams at a time special attachments guarantee a perfect uniformity of tension of all ends from the beginning to the end of the warping operation.

In fact, the warping angle is hept constant and the pressure between the drive roller and the beam is brought about by a air pressure between the drive roller and the beam is brought about by a air pressure system, permitting a variation according to require-ments.

A triphase moter provides the drive of the warper. By means of a friction drive the beam can steplessly be put into either forward or backward motion, in order to ease tying of ends.

The machine is equipped with an expansion reed the number of dents of which is determined according to customer's requirements.

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For all kinds of yarn like nylon, polyester…etc,tennis hu ebay

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  • The warp yarn machine can be used to pass a variety of yarns, each time a pan head (BEAM) can be placed. This machine uses a DC motor to supply the horsepower transmission roller, which is driven by the friction between the superior rubber roller and the pan head. The friction can be adjusted as needed to achieve the desired requirements for the yarn on the pan head. This machine has special equipment to ensure that the tension is constant from the beginning of the warp to the completion of the warp. It saves yarn waste because it has a Length preset switch. Moreover, the steel shovel equipped with a retractable device can be easily adjusted to save time according to the required density; the automatic disconnection device is convenient for operation.
  • Specially designed synchronous motor control system and fine-tuning system for control, the tension can be placed in any space without using the drive shaft.
  • The steel buckle with the length setting device and the retractable device is adjusted according to the required length and density to easily arrange the glue wire, saving time and being easy to operate.

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  • Tuning controller system.
  • Electronic design automation.
  • Auto yarn break device.
  • Anti- static device.
  • High power motor (2HP).
WM300MAX: Ø355mm x 255mm70~342Ends0.75KW
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