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  • Electronic Screen Label Printing Machine
    Electronic Screen Label Printing Machine
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    KY-3000S Electronic Screen Printing Machine has high printing precision, powerful function and multiple strips. Electronic Screen Printing Machine has large output and convenient operation. Electronic Screen Printing Machine can print all kinds of webbing ribbons, with bright printing colors and high color fastness. Most of the printer accessories are imported and comply with CE safety standards and more safety protection devices. The technical performance is mature and stable, and there is no trouble in operation and use.,tca zug tennis

  • Flexo Label Printing Machine
    Flexo Label Printing Machine
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    mlb line,Flexo Label Printing Machine series is a having 1 to 8 colors. For single sided can print 2 colors, double-sided can print 3 to 8 colors. The printed label can reach the result of higher strong washing fastness by heating inside, perfect color registration, stability and reliability, simple in adjusting the printing length just by switching the different printing cylinders. Available materials for printed with ribbon for stained, nylon, cotton, adhesive and paper etc.

  • Rotary Label Printing Machine
    Rotary Label Printing Machine
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    betfair boxing forum,The rotary label printing machine is one type of letterpress printing machines. Rotary label printing machine series has 4 ~ 7 colors, high speed and stable, complete color combination, can do double-sided printing with front six-color back one color, front five-color back two-color, or front four-color back three-color, can guarantee double-sided printing at the speed of 1 meter per second at the same time, so that the pattern is accurate and the color is clear and clear. Commonly used printing materials for package tapes, such as ribbons, nylon tapes, cotton tapes, paper tapes, self-adhesive tapes and elastic tapes, etc., can print the desired effect.

  • Infrared Dryer
    Infrared Dryer
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    Infrared Dryer is mainly used to work in rotary printing machine for higher printing speed and prodcution efficiency. Infrared Dryer are two kinds of available for option one side or double sides. Infrared dryer can dry the tapes printed with various kind of ink. It is dry through heating by infrared heating tubes and cooling system of circular wind. UV dryer are special for tape products printed with UV ink. It adopts the principle of dry effect generated by reaction of UV radial with UV ink to rapidly dry the printed product. It also achieves the effect of bright and fastness.,tennis only wa

  • Water Wash Flexo Plate Making Machine
    Water Wash Flexo Plate Making Machine
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    best casino apps that pay real money,Water Wash Flexo Plate Making Machine is an environmental friendly product, it is specially designed for water wash flexo plates. An option equipment which contains 4 functions including exposing, developing, washing, drying and removing stickiness. It is easy and precise in plate making. Suitable for Flexo Label Printing Machine and Rotary Label Printing Machine.

  • Trademark Label Printing Machine Series
    Trademark Label Printing Machine Series

    Trademark label printing machine series that pre-and after the equipment of printing like screen printing machine, flexo printing machine, rotary printing machine, Infrared dryer, photopolymer plate-making machine. Reference printing webbing material, bandwidth, belt thickness, maximum printing area and printing ink type to choose webbing printing machine. Also, according to printing machine series use with different plate making machine and dryer.,free poker against computer

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free online casino card games no download,fancy bet app Delicate Machine Co., Ltd. is Taiwan high speed automatic needle loom machine manufacturer and Printing Machine [Model:]query::spec_model supplier with more than 57 years experence. Since 1964, in the textile machinery industry, fancy bet app (KY) has been offering our customers high quality Printing Machine production service. With both advanced technology and 57 years experience, fancy bet app (KY) always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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