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Tennis World Tour 2 Review - TheGamer

Unlike other more rally-based tennis titles, Tennis World Tour 2 requires pinpoint accuracy with its timing. Charging up a power hit and releasing a split-second too soon, or slightly mistiming a top-spin or slice will usually result in poor ball placement, giving your opponent the upper hand, or, worse, a failure to even land the ball in the court of play.

Tennis World Tour 2 review -- Double fault

The gameplay in Tennis World Tour 2 is stiff and at times unresponsive. There is a slight delay between moving the analog stick on the controller and the character beginning their movement animations.

Tennis World Tour 2 Review | GameGrin

Tennis World Tour 2 is certainly passable but it doesn’t quite match other modern sports videogames in this respect. Animations look and feel better compared to its predecessor but are still too stiff to replicate the high-octane action and fluidity of real life tennis. 6.00/ 10. 6.

Tennis World Tour 2 review | GodisaGeek.com

Tennis World Tour 2 is a definite step up from Breakpoint’s attempt, with more animations, a bigger roster, and some decent gameplay. The stadiums look good, but much of the movement of everyone ...

Tennis World Tour 2 for PC Reviews - Metacritic

Tennis World Tour 2 aims high, given the good work done by Big Ant Studios with AO Tennis 2. However despite the new graphics engine, the game does not excel on a visual level but still remains a fun and enjoyable title and for this reason we feel confident for the continuation of the franchise and videogame tennis.

Tennis World Tour 2 Review - Doing a Djokovic

Tennis World Tour 2 confuses me in more than a few ways. Before we even get to the game itself, which almost had me do a Djokovic through tossing my controller away in frustration, there's the ...

Review: ‘Tennis World Tour 2’ Is A Big Step Back For Big Ant

Tennis World Tour 2 may be better than its own prequel, but it doesn’t come close to AO 2, even with the studio’s expertise behind it. It’s not that Tennis World Tour 2 is disastrously bad ...

Tennis World Tour 2 PS Plus Review - Free Playstation Games

Tennis World Tour 2 PS Plus Review. Tennis World Tour 2 is the sequel to Tennis World Tour which came out in 2018 and is available this month on PS Plus. One of the big features of Tennis World Tour 2 is definitely the ability to play doubles as the 4-player local online mode with friends was great fun. Tennis World Tour 2 is not a bad game and ...

Ao International Tennis Oder Tennis World Tour - Der Sport

In this World Tour game it just feels so clunky. The last tennis game I owned was virtual tennis 3. AO International Tennis Melbourne Victoria Australia. The game allows you to play solo or with human players. Tennis World Tour 2 AO Tennis 2 are fantastic looking games visually. If you want to make your player hit a forehand with topspin or a.

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